To help shape positive black images through apparel and media. We will host lectures and positive entertainment events.

Sankofa Global has hosted events featuring Grand Master Teachers such as Dr. Ishakamusa Barashango, Dr. Khalid Muhammad, Del Jones “The War Correspondent”, Amiri Baraka, Bro. Ashra Kwesi, Sis. Merira Kwesi, Dr. Lenard Jeffries, Prof. James Smalls, Dr. Llaila Afrika & Prof. Griff Dr George C Fraser ,Dennis Kimbro. Sankofa University overstands the power of media influence. The goal of Sankofa Global is to use media as our vehicle to fuse top soul and hip-hop lyrics, expressions, saying and or catchphrases with historical Afrikan images on apparel among other things.

OUR SLOGAN: Images shape your reality

  • Sankofa University Experience the Rebirth

The goal of Sankofa University is to provide a platform and outlet for an aware African centered group through history, art, music, poetry, business, entrepreneurship, health and spirituality. Much like during the time of the Harlem Renaissance and Black Wall Street, we will provide a community building through online social networking.