Dr. Ani is most known for her detailed critique of European culture, "Yurugu". Unfortunately, that book is out of print. There is a hardcover of it selling for 591 bucks here, and a paperback for 98, which gives you some idea of just how valuable this brilliant sister's words are, even if mainstream America (White Folks) have completely and totally shunned her work. But, who cares? She writes for and to us, not them.

What fools we would be if we allowed the children of our parents' slavemasters to dictate to us what ideas we should believe.

"Let the Circle be Unbroken" is just as brilliant a work as "Yurugu", but this time our sister warrior speaks on African culture, in particular the spiritual implications of it. She ends with some insightful solutions to surviving the inhumane challenges of New Europe.

A plus with "Let the Circle be Unbroken" is that Dr. Ani has held back more so than with "Yurugu". What I mean is that "Yurugu" is very much a scholarly work and can be difficult for laypeople to get through, even though we must! But, "Let the Circle be Unbroken" is a considerably easier read. Also, she has taken a page from Na'im Akbar's writings and has kept the number of pages to well below 100.

Let the Circle Be Unbroken: The Implications of African Spirituality...