Approved for use in New York City's School System two months after publication, MY FIRST TRIP TO AFRICA is the collaborative effort of 8-year-old Atlantis & her father Anthony Browder, author of "From The Browder File, 22 Essays on the African American Experience." MY FIRST TRIP TO AFRICA chronicles the experience of then 7-year-old Atlantis during a 13-day study tour to Egypt in November, 1989. It contains a Parent/Teacher Guide, 27 photographs, 15 illustrations, 3 maps & a 42 word glossary. The Parent/Teacher Guide is an aid providing topics of discussion for children in the classroom, at the dinner table or at bedtime; including activities designed to stimulate a better understanding of all the topics referenced in the narrative. This narrative written specifically for children, will assist them in understanding aspects of personal, world & African history. MY FIRST TRIP TO AFRICA makes good reading for children & adults alike. "Uniquely written from a child's perspective, encompassing historical facts/information every African American of any age should know."--The Capitol Spotlight. "Atlantis's reflections were teamed with photographs taken by Atlantis, her father & her grandmother."--The Washington Post. "...filled with pictures of the historical legacy of Kemet, along with American edifices reminiscent of Ancient Egyptian architecture."--Washington Afro-American.

Reflections of My First Trip to Africa with Anthony Browder